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HyperTV's Connected-Stories is the first Creative Management Platform that connects brands at every touchpoint of the consumer journey. In our constantly evolving consumer-centric omnichannel model, Advertisers, Creatives, Data and Media Professionals collaborate to bring engaging, informative and relevant video advertising strategies to life, across any screen and through a single hub.

Connected-Stories allows Advertisers, Creatives, Data and Media Professionals to create personalized, data-driven and interactive ads across any channel and screen through 3 main platform component: Archived: C-S Studio, Archived: Journey Designer, and Archived: C-S Analytics.


Through the C-S Studio is possible to assemble any type of creative format quickly and easily, using the different templates offered by the platform.

Click here to get started with C-S Studio.


Through the Journey Designer is possible to define and create sequences of video ads based on 1st and 3rd party data.

Click here to get started with the Journey Designer.


Through C-S Analytics is easy to analyze all campaign data from user conversions to interactions with every single interactive element at any given time.

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Connected-Stories offers much more than the tools mentioned above. Here a list of the things Connected-Stories offers and a how-to guide for each:

  • Interactive Widgets: Here a list of widgets available as overlays for each single ad format and a guide on how to use them.
  • Ad Trafficking: C-S platform allows you to generate ad tags and upload them to any ad server and/or DSP to traffic your new Connected-Stories' campaign. Supported Ad Tag Types are: HTML5 tags, JavaScript tag, VAST/VPAID url, MRAID.

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